Specializing in custom metal parts makes Stuecklen Manufacturing Company a valuable partner to all types of military and government agencies. We provide the defense industry with precision metal forming services through hydroforming technology. You get the freedom of design with all the confidence this metal spinning process can provide when you work with us.

Quality Defense Manufacturing

Few industries have higher standards and a need for accuracy and repeatability than government and military equipment production. We have one of the oldest hydroforming operations and one of the largest machines for this type of metal spinning in the nation. You can count on us to know how to create and deliver military-grade components.

We are even Lockheed Martin certified and offer you a satisfaction guarantee.

Economic Military Parts

You want precise, long-lasting parts at the best prices possible. We create low-cost tooling. Or, we can use yours, creating almost any shape and using the materials you specify. One of the many advantages of the hydroforming process is little to no wear on your tooling and finished products without the typical defects of metal-on-metal traditional sheet metal forming.

  • Exhausts & Enclosure
  • Casings, Housings & Shells
  • Engine Covers & Components
  • Reflectors
  • Reservoirs
  • Prototypes
  • Vehicle Parts
  • Nose Cones
  • Armory Elements
  • Protective Gear
  • Water Tanks
  • Recreated Older Parts

Made To Last

Why settle for plastic, when you can have almost any shape created for you in durable metal? Reduce the need to replace broken or worn out equipment. Whether you need helicopter or tank parts or specialty canteen caps or strap buckles, we can help.

Lighten Your Loads

In addition to replacing plastic for more extended wear, you can lighten the loads of both personnel and vehicles by choosing to create custom metal parts from lighter metals. Through hydroforming, machining your military products can be done with a variety of metals without sacrificing the quality of your finished component.

Hydroforming For Your Military & Defense Needs

Contact us at Stuecklen Manufacturing Company for your military and government sheet metal forming needs today. We are located in Chicago and can ship to you internationally. Let us show you how hydroforming can be put to work to benefit you and your outfit.