As the automotive industry changes, at Stuecklen Manufacturing Company, we are a proud partner in producing custom metal parts that support this innovation. Whether you are a hobbyist needing custom car parts for your unique designs or a manufacturer trying to improve or streamline production, we can put all the advantages of hydroforming to work for you.

Custom Auto Parts

New attractive automotive designs, hybrid and electric vehicle prototyping, and classic car maintenance and upkeep all require high-quality automotive machining capabilities. Bring us your automotive component designs and we’ll take care of the precision metal forming to create your custom metal products.

We can create virtually any shape in a versatile range of materials.

  • Dash & Trim Components
  • Classic Car Parts
  • Repair Parts
  • Engine Parts
  • Heat Shields
  • Lighting
  • Reflectors
  • Manifolds
  • Exhaust
  • Baffles

What Is Hydroforming?

Deep draw hydroforming is an alternative to traditional metal-on-metal die set sheet metal forming. Your custom-designed male tooling is punched through sheet metal and received into a pressurized rubber diaphragm. This reduced wear and tear on your tooling and eliminates most if not all of the blemishes and finish lines produced in other types of metal spinning.

  • Easily Produce Irregularly-Shaped Parts
  • Quicker, More Accurate Manufacturing
  • Little To No Blemishing
  • Less Finishing Required
  • A Versatile Variety Of Materials
  • Cost Effective
  • Reliable Strength
  • Lighter Parts
  • Low-Cost Tooling

Advantages For The Automotive Industry

We can help you create the complicated parts that today’s cars require or remake parts for older vehicles. Don’t waste money on expensive 3D printing or let your ideas go to waste. Make your cars lighter or prototype custom accents. If you have your own tooling and are looking to upgrade parts production, we can even use your existing tooling for even greater savings.

Get Your Custom Car Parts

Contact us with your designs for custom metal parts for the automotive industry today. At Stuecklen Manufacturing Company, we have been in business since 1948 and are Lockheed Martin certified. We work directly with you to create metal products that look and work the way you want them to. We look forward to working with you throughout the US and Canada.