At Stuecklen Manufacturing Company, we are a trusted producer of custom metal parts for the aerospace industry. Whether you need five components or 15,000, we have the technologies and [...]


As the automotive industry changes, at Stuecklen Manufacturing Company, we are a proud partner in producing custom metal parts that support this innovation. Whether you are a hobbyist needing custom car parts for your unique designs or [...]

Heavy Machinery

Count on us at Stuecklen Manufacturing Company based out of the Chicago area to meet your needs for custom metal parts for heavy machinery. The heavy equipment industry is no stranger to hard work and wear and [...]

Kitchen & Food Processing

At Stuecklen Manufacturing Company, we manufacture equipment, parts, and pieces for a variety of kitchen and food processing industry needs. We understand the unique requirements and standards [...]


Stuecklen Manufacturing Company offers lighting industry leaders in the United States and Canada unparalleled service and customization through specialty hydroforming. Our precision metal forming process is ideal for custom light parts, creating unique shapes, and other components [...]

Industrial & Manufacturing

Hydroforming by Stuecklen Manufacturing Company opens the door to custom metal parts for your industrial and manufacturing business. Our precision metal forming processes turn your unique designs [...]

Military & Government

Specializing in custom metal parts makes Stuecklen Manufacturing Company a valuable partner to all types of military and government agencies. We provide the defense industry with precision metal forming services through hydroforming technology. You get the freedom [...]