At Stuecklen Manufacturing Company, we make custom metal parts for customers in the US and Canada. Our metal spinners specialize in hydroforming and work with a wide variety of materials, including aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, high-strength alloys, and more.

What Is Hydroforming?

A hydroforming machine uses pressurized hydraulic fluid (either water or oil) to force a sheet of metal into or around a single solid mold. It works because the hydraulic chamber is sealed by a flexible rubber, which also means that it can be paired with any mold of your design.

In typical flat sheet hydroforming, the high-pressure liquid uniformly presses the metal into the mold. In this deep draw hydroforming process, the liquid counters the force of the mold rising into its chamber, spreading the sheet metal around the mold and forming the desired shape.

Advantages Of The Hydroforming Process

This kind of sheet metal forming was developed as a way to produce parts more efficiently and less expensively. While regular die set metal forming is still a viable manufacturing method, it’s impractical and more costly for smaller sized limited runs of a product.

Also, some industries demand perfect metal surfaces which only hydroforming can consistently provide. Below are a few more benefits of hydroforming.

  • Complex & Exotic Metal Shapes
  • Design Freedom (Any Metal Shape)
  • Variety Of Metals & Finishes
  • Cost-Competitive At 5-15,000 Parts
  • Best For Short To Medium Runs
  • We Offer Inexpensive Tooling
  • Or Use Your Own Tooling
  • Minimal To No Tooling Wear & Tear
  • High-Quality Parts
  • No Scuffs Or Shock Lines

What We Make

We manufacture a wide range of metal products for an equally varied portfolio of customers. Your imagination is our limit. We create items and tools for military, government, and scientific use. We also make parts for airplanes, cars, and kitchen use. Here is a small sample of what we can produce.

Small To Medium Production Runs

Whether you are a hobby craftsman or a specialty producer creating precise goods, we can help you. Bring us your ideas and even your tooling if you have it. Hydroforming only requires the female portion of your punch and creates little to no wear in the punch process compared to traditional metal-on-metal die metal forming or stamping.

Low-Cost Tooling & Male Punches

No tooling? That’s ok too. We can create cost-effective tooling for you based on your designs in an infinite variety of simple and complex metal shapes. If you already have your own tooling, we can use it!

Why Choose Us?

We’ve been in business since 1948, making us one of the oldest hydroforming and metal spinning companies in the United States. We are also one of the few in the entire US to be certified by Lockheed Martin.

As our customer, you always deal directly with our owners. We also supply a satisfaction guarantee on all of the products we make. If you’re not happy with it, let us know, and we’ll make it right.

Get In Touch Today

Do you need custom metal products? Take advantage of the possibilities available to you through hydroforming. Contact us at Stuecklen Manufacturing Company today for service throughout the US and Canada.