Why Choose Us?

Stuecklen Manufacturing Company located near Chicago has been providing you with professional metal parts forming services since 1948.  We are one of the oldest hydroforming and metal spinning companies in the USA.

What We Do

Our customer-oriented, woman-owned business provides deep draw hydroforming, metal spinning, and CNC machining. We offer flat sheet hydroforming, which allows us to create almost any metal shape from a variety of metals and finishes.

Largest Hydroform In the United States

Using one of the largest CNC hydroforming machines in the country, we specialize in forming complex and unique shapes. Our metal forming techniques result in lower tooling costs and the highest quality finishes.

All of our machines generate up to 10,000 psi forming pressure allowing us to work with nearly all types of metal in different thicknesses. The ability to create complex or unique shapes is our specialty.

Our Guarantee

What makes us truly unique is our guarantee or warranty: Any part that the customer is not completely happy with that we create can be returned at any time. We strive to give each customer exactly what they want.

We take great pride in helping you get your ideas off the ground affordably and helping your company big or small.

Lockheed Martin Certified

We are Lockheed Martin certified to STP51-302 Process Code 326. One of the few certified in the entire United States. Get started with a customized quote.