Chicago's Metal Spinning and Hydroforming Experts Since 1948
Stuecklen Manufacturing offers hydroforming and metal spinning to create complex and unique metal shapes and parts for a variety of industries. Any shape you can imagine, we've done it.
What Is Hydroforming & Metal Spinning?
A hydroforming machine uses pressurized hydraulic fluid (either water or oil) to force a sheet of metal into or around a single solid mold.
What Materials & Shapes Can We Produce?
Our experience and hydroforming and metal spinning technologies make your imagination the only limit to producing the custom metal products you want.
Industries We Serve
We have over 71 years of experience creating metal parts for the lighting, automotive, military, aerospace, and manufacturing industries. Hydroforming and metal spinning are used in almost every industry.

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Our Services

We take ideas from concept to completion with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We specialize in hydroforming, metal spinning and CNC machining. With one of the largest hydroforming machines in the United States, we are able to generate up to 10,000 psi forming pressure, allowing us to work with nearly all types of metals. We most commonly process using 15″, 20″, and 32″ hydroforms. Learn more about our capabilities or browse our portfolio of past work.


Deep draw hydroforming techniques produce exact, smooth and complex cuts, which means precision you can count on every time.

Our Capabilities

It takes experienced metal spinners to create customized and high precision reliable metal parts for your design. Send us your specifications and we’ll help.

Industries We Serve

We have extensive experience forming unique and custom metal shapes in a wide variety of materials and finishes for every imaginable industry.

Metal Hydroforming Professionals

Serving The United States & Canada Since 1948

Stuecklen Manufacturing Company is a Mid-West metal spinning and hydroforming company who can deliver a complete product to the customer’s criteria, whether the order is for 5 parts or for 200,000 parts. We work with each customer to determine what is required and what areas are of concern. At the same time, we will suggest potential improvements or alternatives in design. Finally, we will provide the finished metal part as quickly and economically as possible. Learn more about the specifics of our capabilities or view samples of our work.

The key to our success has been our policy of 100% customer satisfaction since our founding in 1948.  Every part is to our customer’s approval. Our clients appreciate our responsiveness and attention to detail, which has created strong and lasting relationships. All questions, desires, or design changes are addressed quickly – the foundation of our reputation. 

Customer Satisfaction – Guaranteed!


Custom Aircraft Parts

Deep draw hydroforming allows for the creation of aircraft parts that meet standards and withstand the test of time.

Military & Government

Metal That’s Ready For Duty

We provide the defense industry with precision metal forming services through our advanced hydroforming technology.


High-Quality Automotive Designs

Whether working on a classic car or fitting a piece for vehicle prototyping, our metal spinning capabilities can create virtually any design.