At Stuecklen Manufacturing Company, we are a trusted producer of custom metal parts for the aerospace industry. Whether you need five components or 15,000, we have the technologies and capabilities to fill your order. We are even Lockheed Martin certified.

Our Aerospace Machining Technologies

We specialize in both CNC and conventional hydroforming, as well as CNC machining computer-automated, metal spinning. You can count on the quality and precision so necessary in the production of aerospace parts. Let us put these advanced sheet metal forming processes to work for your aircraft or spacecraft projects.

The Advantages Of Hydroforming

The advantages of deep draw hydroforming make it perfect for the rigorous standards required in the creation of aircraft parts. Low tooling costs and a wide variety of material choices also make this type of precision metal forming economical. We can even use your tooling if you have it.

Your finished aerospace components will be accurate and virtually blemish-free. We guarantee it.

Custom Aircraft Parts

We can create almost any shape in an array of materials. Design custom metal products to support your engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and air repair services. You send us your drawings, and we do all the rest.

  • Cases & Covers
  • Pans
  • Reflectors
  • Lens Retainers
  • Jet Engine Components
  • Nose Cones
  • Tanks
  • Containers
  • Housings
  • Nozzle Parts

Reliable Quality For Better Flights

Performance and safety in aircraft often depend on many well thought out and meticulously crafted components working together seamlessly. With one of the oldest metal spinning operations in the country, we have the experience you need to fulfill these requirements time and time again.

We also have one of the largest hydroforming machines in the nation. This means engine parts, lighting components, and so much more can be created to your exacting standards up to 32”. Create lighter, higher quality, competitively cost metal parts when you partner with us.

Get Hydroformed Parts For The Aerospace Industry

For high-quality custom metal parts for aircraft or spacecraft count on us at Stuecklen Manufacturing Company. We’ve been in business and based out of the Chicago area since 1948 and have a proud reputation for customer collaboration and satisfaction. Contact us today with your designs and see how hydroforming can benefit your next aerospace project.